August 20, 2022
Posted In:In Development
‘Gloria’, a former celebrity TV chef, played by the inimitable Patti Allan, is finally reuniting with her estranged grandchild ‘Alex’. However, the temperature heats up when Alex, played by Rae Takei, comes out as non-binary and opens a ‘genderational’ divide. Can ‘Gloria’ and ‘Alex’ find the perfect mix for their family recipe? Or will it all bubble up and explode?  
Without sugar-coating, To Perfection tackles issues of modern life and family conflict in a relatable and hilarious way, ensuring audiences of all ages will find that this play contains all the right ingredients for the perfect food-for-thought theatre outing.
Actors in Photo: Patti Allan (R), Rae Takei (L) Photo Credit: Sarah Race
Written by Meghan Gardiner during the height of the pandemic, this new work tackles issues dear to Gardiner’s own heart. She said, “Although this is a fictional story with fictional characters, I drew inspiration from my own family’s journey. Every child comes with their own personality—their own everything. They’re born who they are, and we can’t change that, we just have to adapt and love them. My philosophy is love first and let them be the guide.” 
Gardiner said that while the play explores the issue of gender, it is also delves into other pertinent issues. “To Perfection also tackles cancel culture, which is so prominent right now. I want the play to help the audience understand that it’s okay to discuss what’s not working, or what’s hurting and offending. It’s okay to talk about those things and talking is important, whereas just cancelling people...I’m not sure that’s productive. I want to encourage the audience instead of calling people out to embrace calling in.”
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