• Love Bomb

    A shameless hussy production. Book and lyrics by Meghan Gardiner, music & additional lyrics Steve Charles, directed by Reneé Iaci. The premiere of this new work was presented by the Firehall Arts Centre Sept. 26 - Oct. 10 2015. This production completed it's last tour early in 2020 and is now being adapted into a video which has been commissioned by the RCMP for training purposes. Find out more on our blog.
  • Dissolve

    Available online Fall 2021 and beyond. See the brand new promo clip on our YouTube channel!
  • Vancouver Premiere Nov 2 - 10, 2017

    Girls Like That

    What would you do if a naked photograph of you went viral and you couldn’t stop it, couldn’t stop the rumours from going wild, and everyone formed an opinion of you based on that photo? In this urgent and explosive, award-winning play by Canadian-British playwright Evan Placey, a young girl named Scarlett becomes the center of attention – but for all the wrong reasons. TICKETS: At the link in this blog post.
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